Ceramiche Refin, a leader in the production of porcelain stoneware, introduces the Canal Grande, Feel and Sublime collections along with new products Orobica and Primal.

Ceramiche Refin confirms its vocation for research focused on the rendering of materials that have accompanied humanity since the dawn of time, on the one hand paying homage to Italian woodworking in Venetian shipyards, and on the other putting a spotlight on stone in its various geographical and material variants. All this without forgetting the roots of modern architecture, based primarily on the strength and look of concrete.


Refin evolved a traditional material like quartzite, with its typically strong and full-bodied perception, with the intention of making it refined and contemporary. 

The structure reproduces the typical flaking but is more delicate; the transitions between light and dark areas are always blurred with the presence of slight veins; the color appears homogeneous without significant chromatic variations.

Stronger graphic details and more pronounced color transitions are thus attenuated to soften the overall appearance of the surface, while still maintaining 3D, detailed effects. 

The range consists of five shades suggested by natural elements: Pearl white and Silver gray are light and cold shades; Sand and Warm are warm beige and gray, respectively; Coal is anthracite gray.

With its multiple finishes - soft, matte and structured - and different sizes, also available in the 2 cm thick OUT2.0 version, Primal can be used in both commercial or residential locations.

Color variants: Pearl, Silver, Sand, Warm, Coal

Sizes: 120x120cm/48"x48", 60x120cm/24"x48", 60x60cm/24"x24", 30x60cm/12"x24" - thickness 9 mm

           60x120cm/24"x48", 60x60cm/24"x24" OUT 2.0 Structured for outdoor use- thickness 20 mm

Finishes: Soft, Matte, Structured

Decors: Lines Kit 110x120cm/45"x48"

Canal Grande

Inspired by the most glamorous soul of Venice and the famous city's nautical culture, Canal Grande is a tribute to the magical atmosphere of the lagoon with a clear prominence of mahogany, the material traditionally used to build the local boats, luxury motorboats and the famous Venetian taxis. The collection is the result of wide-ranging research exploring the excellence of craftsmanship in the nautical sector by Refin's Tile Designers, who developed the product after attentive studies in the field, reproducing the unique traits of the original material in ceramic slabs with a directed, intense aesthetic. 

Its graceful vintage accent recalls a period that marked Italian culture in design, fashion and art, becoming the symbol of a refined lifestyle that heralded the rebirth of Italy after the Second World War. 

The graphics are characterized by parallel yet varying lines, which create a blurred effect and convey a distinct intensity. There are two finishes: Glossy, which instantly recalls the wood of the boats that inspired the collection, reflects the ambient light and adds depth, while Soft is characterized by a matt effect that softens contrasts and offers a more modern visual result.

Two decors complete the series: the geometric Club embellished with metal inserts, and the Onda mosaic with an elegant retro style.

Color variants: Rubino, Noce, Moro

Sizes: 75x150cm/30”x60”, 25x150cm/10”x60” - thickness 9 mm

Finishes: Soft, Glossy

Mosaics and Decors: Club Decor 75x150cm/30”x60”, Onda Mosaic 23.8x49.2cm/93/8"×193/8" 


This product with an industrial inspiration and origin reveals unexpected tactile sensations. Feel reinterprets the aesthetic value of a familiar material like concrete, conveying a look that is uniform and compact, almost solemn, then revealing a dynamic nature generated by seamlessly shifting earthy surfaces. Essential in its rigour, it boasts an extremely contemporary character, minimalist on the one hand but distinguished by a complex materiality achieved through extensive research and development. The result is a look that is slightly mottled with clouding and delicate halos created by irregularly arranged granules, which give the product depth. 

The modern spirit expressed in Feel is revealed in the wide range of available sizes and in the neutral, clean and elegant nuances of the series and make it a suitable solution for the most contemporary spaces. Complementing the strong identity of Feel is the Layers décor, which, thanks to a sophisticated manufacturing technique, creates a special visual effect.

Color variants: White, Light, Dark, Warm, Sage

Sizes: 120x120cm/48”x48”, 60x120cm/24”x48”, 80x80 cm, 60x60cm/24”x24”, 30x60cm/12”x24” - thickness 9 mm

Finishes: Matte, Structured, Glossy

Decors: Layers decor 115x120cm/45”x48”


The scents and colors of Burgundy inspire and express the purest soul of Sublime, a tribute to the landscapes of one of the most alluring areas of southern France. The collection is inspired by a very rare limestone typical of that area and nowhere to be found today. An attempt to recreate the aesthetics of those places where life is slower and an intimate relationship with a lush nature persists. A collection designed to be visually authentic, to welcome and convey serenity and harmony. In order to develop the most suitable production method to reproduce the unique details of those materials, extensive research was carried out in those rich, fascinating lands followed by technical work in the lab.

The end result is a surface featuring streaks and small details spread across a compact, uniform background furrowed by visible yet unobtrusive veins, enhanced through slight contrasts and colour transitions. A wide range of possibilities, making Sublime the ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor use on floors and walls. The range is completed by a 30x30 mosaic.  

Color variants: Ivory, Beige, Grey

Sizes: 120x120cm/48”x48”, 60x120cm/24”x48”, 60x60cm/24”x24”, 30x60cm/12”x24” - thickness 9 mm

            60x120cm/24”x48”, 60x60cm/24”x24” OUT 2.0 - thickness 20 mm

Finishes: Matte, Glossy, Structured

Mosaics: Mosaic 30x30cm/12”x12”, Plissé mosaic 28x36cm/11”x14”


The new collection reinterprets the renowned stone quarried in Gré on the slopes of Mount Clemo on the north-western shore of Lake Iseo, which is particularly prized for its characteristic presence of irregularly distributed stones – called clasts – of different sizes. Orobica replicates the dynamic look of the stone, emphasized here by a marked alternation of elements, some of considerable size, in a surface rich in inclusions. A surface made even more varied and dynamic by the skillful integration of pebbles in warmer shades.

Ideal for cladding interior volumes and for ventilated façades, the range is also particularly well suited for public, retail and hotel and restaurant projects, even with high traffic. Orobica is also a highly modern choice for residential settings, for a refined, uninterrupted finish between interiors and exteriors. 

Available in four timeless, versatile colours in a Matt finish and in three formats that meet the most varied design requirements, Orobica is the ideal solution for commercial or hybrid environments. A selection made even more versatile by the inclusion of the OUT 2.0 version, suitable for outdoor use and available in Grey and Beige.

Color variants: White, Grey, Anthracite, Beige

Sizes: 120x120cm/48”x48”, 60x120cm/24”x48”, 60x60cm/24”x24” - thickness 9 mm

  60x60cm/24”x24” OUT 2.0 - thickness 20 mm

Finishes: Matte