At this year’s Cersaie 2016, taking place Sept. 26 through 30, in Bologna, Italy, Italian porcelain stoneware manufacturer Ceramiche Refin will present a number of new products that further expand the company’s comprehensive offering of tile collections and design solutions specifically aimed at the interior design market. Two key collections, Arte Pura by Daniela Dallavalle and Craft, are previewed below.
Arte Pura by Daniela Dallavalle
Daniela Dallavalle is a multi-disciplinary designer, who uses her passion for life to create her extraordinary portfolio of work. Her incredible aesthetic sense, innate creativity, respect for the past and unconditional love for nature led her to firmly believing that nothing should be thrown away because anything can reveal new forms; turning what are commonly known as imperfections into distinctive and beautiful traits.
The designer unleashes her imagination to see reality through an unconventional lens and speak a new language; her debut tile collection for Refin is based on forgotten shapes, nuances, lace and macramé weaves, immovable motion among the fibres of wrinkled linen or the grains of clay mix.
Materials silently tell stories and inspire a new way of thinking whilst defining the space we live in. The Arte Pura collection for Refin is a delicate mesh of woven and embroidered textures which will bring a soft yet abstract femininity to interior schemes.
Craft is a collection inspired by cement material and mineral decorative cladding, materials which are currently widely used in contemporary interior design projects.
The collection’s development phase focused on thorough research into the particular characteristics of cement surfaces, as well as a collaboration with craftsmen specializing in the manual application of mineral materials.
The use of state-of-the-art technology enabled Refin to reinterpret these distinctive creative hints to create a collection of innovative and minimalist stoneware slabs that resonate with contemporary design. The tiles in the Craft collection show clouding and faded finishes, as well as patterns impressed into the surface, brushing and color contrasts; all these effects are emphasized by the large size of the slabs.
To view these collections, visit Hall 36, Stand B32-C37.
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