Stonepeak Ceramics, a U.S. manufacturer of porcelain surfaces, is investing $10 million into capital improvements for is manufacturing facility in Crossville, Tennessee. The multi-phase upgrade is expected to be completed at the end of December. 

The company said it aims to expand and upgrade product output by adding cutting-edge production technologies and quality enhancements. The plant upgrade will provide Stonepeak’s customers with XL gauged porcelain stoneware slabs and high-end large-format materials, a new polishing line, and new 12-bar digital printing machines. These upgrades will improve the quality, innovation, and design of the company’s products, including enhancement of through-veining porcelain solutions, expansion of color ranges, and enhancement of polished finishes. Additional upgrades will also enable the company to stock higher inventory levels and guarantee faster turnaround times. 

Furthermore, Stonepeak Ceramics will also implement a new warehouse management software to improve stock management practices and better respond to expanding customers' needs. The new system will increase handling, storing, and shipping efficiency, helping meet surging demand and offering unparalleled support in the industry.

Stonepeak Ceramics, part of the Italian-based company Iris Ceramica Group, was established in 2004 is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. 

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