Go Carrera, a provider of labor management software, released its latest feature, Private Connections, developed to allow flooring retailers and commercial flooring contractors to work exclusively with their installers and crews without the need to utilize the Go Carrera Public Network. It is now available to all Plus Private and Premium subscribers. 

This new approach more closely matches and honors many of the relationships that exist in the market—all while allowing a company and their installation crews to work with the sophisticated digital labor management and installation workflow tools that Go Carrera provides.

Installers who are privately connected to a company will not receive work order opportunities from the public network, giving companies the peace of mind that the crews that they take care of and take pride in will be there when they need them. 

"Many companies have expressed their desire to use our platform but did not want their installers to be readily available to other companies on the app," said Go Carrera Founder Paul Stuart. “We sympathize and certainly understand the difficulty around building your crews. So, we created Private Connections. You get access to all our great tools, plus access the Go Carrera Public Network, without adding your installation crews to that Public Network."

Private Connections are additionally opted-out from Go Carrera sales and marketing efforts so that they can 100% focus on work they have received from the company they are privately connected to.

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