Välinge Innovation’s Liteback technology and their brand-new installation system, 5G NXT are honored in Domotex prestigious ‘Green Collection Award’ for their contribution to creating more sustainable flooring products. 

‘The Green Collection’ is a special display at Domotex where everything revolves around the theme of sustainability. Every year, attention is paid to particularly sustainable products, production processes and committed companies.

Välinge’s brand-new floor locking system, 5G NXT, is the next generation of installation systems. It’s a solution designed to contribute to a further reduced environmental impact of wooden floors and to successfully meet the new demands for more sustainable alternatives. This upgraded solution has an insert made of biomass-balanced materials with a 75% lower carbon footprint, and it enables tool-less dismantling simply by tapping the panels. This creates endless possibilities for flooring to be installed, removed, and reinstalled elsewhere. Always with reliable and long-lasting results.

Liteback is Välinge’s revolutionary technology that enables a more sustainable production process of resilient floors. The advanced solution removes up to 20% of the material through milled grooves on the backside of the floor panels. The excess material can be recycled and reused in production of new flooring. The material removal means lighter products without compromising product quality or performance and it results in less packaging materials, increased freight density, less transports and significantly lower CO2 emissions. The unique grooves also contribute to improve noise reducing qualities which, together with the great environmental benefits, result in durable, high-performing products, perfect for creating modern, healthy living spaces. 

Välinge’s innovative technologies will be shown at Domotex Hannover’s special exhibition ‘The Green Collection’ on January 11–14. Meet their team of flooring technology experts in Hall 20, Booth A08.