AHF Products, a manufacturer of hard surface flooring for residential and commercial interiors, introduces Unfazed Luxury Vinyl Flooring into its Parterre brand. Made in the USA, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Unfazed provides the ultimate flexibility in a durable, minimal maintenance design.

Requiring no acclimation, Unfazed Luxury Vinyl gives a quick and easy install. The proprietary core provides superior indent resistance and exclusive Optique Coating offers superior scuff, scratch, and stain resistance.

While luxury vinyl plank flooring is a great option to withstand fluctuating temperatures and is heat resistant up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, Unfazed luxury flooring is heat resistant up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit which is critical if treating an area for bed bugs. Temperatures of 110-130 degrees Fahrenheit are necessary to kill adults and eggs, so it is important that the floor can withstand high heat without sustaining damage, especially in multifamily housing where many units and multiple occupants can be impacted. In addition, Unfazed can be installed on any level, making it perfect not only for multi-family, but also for Main Street applications.

Practicality and stand-out performance does not mean it sacrifices visual appeal. Naturalistic designs and a classic color palette provide ideal choices for multi-family and other commercial environments. The collection offers the perfect mix of colors and designs to match every style. Seven designs feature trending wood visuals in an alluring array of colors from neutrals to greys in dark and light wood tones.

Parterre is available exclusively from Spartan Surfaces, a subsidiary of Floor & Decor, a specialty flooring supplier headquartered in Bel Air, MD, with coverage in over eighty-five percent of the United States.