The Prodeso Drain System is suitable for large-format tile installations indoor and out and in wet areas such as spa wellness centres or indoor pools. 

The system features a state-of-the-art patented membrane that is used to drain and waterproof the screed, to ensure proper, quick drying of under-tile adhesive. The air chamber that is created under the tile provides micro-ventilation, thereby preventing the triacetate contained in the adhesives from rising and, as a result, efflorescence from being formed in grout lines. The membrane consists of a high-density polyethylene sheet, equipped with a semi-circular pyramidal truncated cavity, with draining fabric heat-sealed to the top and a polypropylene nonwoven fabric glued to the bottom. 

The innovation enables draining and waterproofing with the same membrane is a sideways protruding strip that is made adhesive with a butyl layer. More specifically, a perimeter strip is adhesive along half the height, and a front one is adhesive along the whole height. The separation and vapour release properties of Prodeso Drain make installation possible even on substrates that are not perfectly cured. Quick and easy to install, it has an overall thickness of just 5 mm, lower than any other system on the market, and does not require any special adhesives.