Tarkett Sommer has announced it will make an offer to the shareholders of Domco Tarkett to acquire all outstanding common shares of Domco Tarkett not already owned by Tarkett Sommer and its affiliates, at a price per share of $7.50 payable in cash, for an aggregate consideration of approximately $49 million based on the current total outstanding shares.

There are approximately 25.4 million shares of Domco Tarkett outstanding of which Tarkett Sommer indirectly holds 18.9 million shares, or 74.5 percent of the total. If all shares subject to the offer are tendered, Tarkett Sommer will indirectly hold 100 percent of the outstanding shares of Domco Tarkett.

Tarkett Sommer will make its offer by way of an all-cash takeover bid to be governed by applicable securities laws. The offer circular is expected to be mailed to all registered shareholders of Domco Tarkett as soon as possible after the formal valuation of Domco Tarkett has been completed and made available to Tarkett Sommer by Domco Tarkett's board of directors.