On Saturday, Jan. 18, Swiff-Train Co.'s Houston warehouse suffered a major fire that damaged much of the goods and equipment at the Texas distributor's branch. It is estimated that 35 Houston Fire Department engines and over 115 firefighters responded to the multiple alarm fire, the company says.

Swiff-Train Co. president, L.A. Train said that "no one was present, and no one was hurt fighting the fire," and that most material at the warehouse suffered smoke and soot damage.

According to Jeff Train, executive vice president of Operations, the distributor's trucking hub will be shifted to Dallas, where temporary warehouse space has been secured.

The company issued a broadcast fax and e-mail to their customers just after the fire, and a follow-up on Friday, Jan. 24 to keep them informed and up to date on orders and procedures. The company expects Houston operations to be back to normal within three to four weeks.