CALGARY, Alberta -- FloorsNOW Technology Corp., an e-commerce firm serving the North American floor covering industry, closed its acquisition of certain Commerx Inc. assets on July 5. Commerx is considered one of the 100 leading e-businesses in North America.

The deal is expected to broaden FloorsNOW’s scope of services and positions the company as a full-service provider of business-to-business solutions. “This acquisition enhances our opportunities and broadens our market reach into other industries,” noted Robert Kulhawy, president and CEO of FloorsNOW. “Commerx e-Business networks offer customers a suite of solutions that drive efficiencies and are accessible in a hosted environment. This allows for near-immediate deployment without significant start-up costs for hardware, hence, a pay-as-you-go setting.”

Commerx assets purchased by FloorsNOW include hardware; Commerx intellectual property and software; numerous licenses including Manugystics, Commerce One and Commerce Quest; trade names; URL addresses; and servers.

FloorsNOW has technology that allows clients to be open around the clock, increases inventory turnover, manages accounts receivable, deploys cost-effective B2B functionality, improves communication with clients, provides up-to-date marketing and product information, and optimizes automated notification processes for order status, the company says.

FloorsNOW will continue to operate within the floor covering industry while Commerx, under its current name, will offer a complete range of Business to Business solutions for all other industries.