Solutia Inc. recently welcomed the Los Angeles Fiber Co. to its "Partners for Renewal" program. The program formally recognizes and works with companies who are leaders in the area of carpet sustainability.

The program has two objectives: to find ways to divert carpet from landfills and create useable products via process and product technology, and to help facilitate the efforts of those committed to the first objective. L.A. Fibers has agreed to accept post-consumer carpet from Solutia's customers and recycle it into synthetic carpet cushion and other thermoplastic products.

"Solutia is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with L.A. Fibers, a leader in post-consumer carpet recycle," said Kaye Gosline, Solutia's director of contract fiber sales. "Solutia's objective is to deliver real solutions to the challenge of carpet landfill diversion. This is a major step forward in our ability to meet that commitment."