GrantiFiandre's Geologica Mosaics collection

GrantiFiandre has introduced its Geologica Mosaics collection of granites, marbles and stones in two types of mosaics for use in countertops, bathroom flooring and as accent pieces.

Tone-on-tone mosaics include Princess Blue and Rosa Portogallo. Princess Blue is inspired by a now extinct blue Indian marble. Rosa Portogallo is composed of a delicate pink color with a depth of veining and luster.

Two-color mosaic products include the Arabescato Fantastico/Verdi Alpi, utilizing Geologica's marble recreations, and the Rockwell White/Black Galaxy, offering granite recreations.

Arabescato Fantastico presents an off-white background with green and cream-colored veining in combination with Verdi Alpi's dark green background with lighter-toned, thick veining. Rockwell White’s ultra-white background mixes with Black Galaxy's ultra-black background.