Gregory Schad, technical director for TEC Specialty Products, has been named the United States voting representative to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Technical Committee 189 Working Group 6. The group is dedicated to developing standards for ceramic tile and ceramic tile installation materials.

Schad is currently responsible for TEC's research and product development and technical support. He has worked on TEC's R&D team since 1981 and was awarded a patent for his work in cement bonding technology. Schad is an active member of several organizations besides ISO, including the National Tile Contractors Association, MMSA and the NTMA.

During his career, Schad has led the development of innovative products for the ceramic tile industry, including Super Flex, Double Duty, Accucolor Grout and most recently, 1Flex, according to TEC Specialty Products.

Schad is leading the US committee, which works with 17 other participating countries and has published 22 ISO standards.