DuPont Nylon Flooring has introduced a new fiber technology: DuPont FiberLoc BCF nylon fiber for DuPont Stainmaster carpet. A departure from traditional fiber structure, DuPont FiberLoc has a unique shape that interlocks with itself to maintain tuft strength and integrity. This patented innovation improves texture retention and long-term appearance, the company says.

DuPont FiberLoc is designed to create denser tufts even at lower weights. The new fiber technology will be rolled out to retailers this month at Surfaces 2001 in Las Vegas. It will be offered to mills in 1210 and 1430 denier versions of the DuPont Stainmaster bright residential fiber. DuPont FiberLoc technology will be sold under the DuPont Stainmaster, DuPont Stainmaster MasterLife, DuPont Stainmaster Xtra Life, and DuPont Stainmaster Grand Luxura carpet brands at retail stores across the country. For details, circle 137 on the Free Information Card.