ATLANTA— Two state government agencies recently honored DuPont Flooring Systems’ locations in Washington and California for successful environmental initiatives to reduce waste and emissions and to minimize the use of depletable raw materials and energy.

The State of Washington’s Governors Office recognized DuPont Flooring Systems locations in Seattle and Spokane, Wash. with the 2001 Governor’s Award for Pollution Prevention and Sustainable Practices. DuPont Flooring Systems was selected as a winner for its practices that promote the vitality of the economy, environment and the community and its efforts to reduce hazardous emissions and waste.

The state of California Environmental Protection Agency Integrated Waste Management Board presented the 2001 Waste Reduction Award to DuPont Flooring Systems of South San Francisco, honoring efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle products as part of its environmentally preferable practices.

Since 1991, the DuPont Carpet Reclamation Program has reclaimed more than 60 million pounds of carpet. The recycled content is used to manufacture carpet fiber, resilient flooring tiles, carpet cushion, sod reinforcement, and automobile parts.