Mannington has introduced an interactive web-based design tool that boasts one feature sure to appeal to consumers: the service is free of charge. The company describes its new "Virtual Decorator" feature as a "customizable tool designed to help consumers ‘see' what their finished room will look like by experimenting with different wall and floor combinations." The feature can be accessed directly at:, or through the main Mannington residential flooring site at:

The company said consumers can use the program to visualize a room either by using pre-selected room scenes or downloading a room scene from their home. The Virtual Decorator offers 15 rooms including bathrooms, living rooms, foyers, and kitchens. Consumers choose a room and can then change the flooring, wall color or switch the angle at which the floor is viewed.

The Virtual Decorator also keeps track of the most recently viewed creations, and provides the option of saving rooms for future review or forwarding them via e-mail. For "before and after"comparisons, rooms can be printed out, as well.

In announcing the new design tool the company describes it as "the ultimate in customized visualizing."

"Not only is it the most innovative and useful program of its kind, unlike other manufacturer sites that charge $9.99 or more for a download, Mannington's ‘My Virtual Decorator' is free," the company said.