In a new twist on manufacturer incentive programs, Domco has teamed with American Express to offer a "reward card" that can be used at any establishment that accepts American Express cards. The value assigned to the card is determined by the amount of Domco product sold by the card holder.

"Our goal is to get the retail sales person excited about selling our mid- to-upper- end products," said Domco's, vice president of sales and marketing Stephan Guindon. "With Domco Reward$, the consumer gets a great looking floor that represents excellent quality and value and the

sales person earns a nice return on each sale."

Retailers and other sales staff that register for the program are awarded a cash prize for each square yard of Influence, Elite, Vintage, Cerama or other qualifying Domco product. After sending in a claim form, participants will receive an "American Express Domco Reward$ card." Purchases can then be made up to the amount of Domco Rewards dollars loaded onto the card.

All sales of qualifying products are eligible during the promotional period which runs from March 1, 2005, to December 31, 2005.

"There is no cap on the amount of dollars participants can earn during the program," said Guindon. "In fact, we expect that some sales personnel this year could earn over $10,000 in Domco Reward$, depending upon the products sold. That's a very nice bonus for doing a good job of selling Domco," he added.

Sales personnel may register online at Once approved, each participant can log onto the Domco Reward$ website to enter claims, access account history or verify the open balance on their Card.