On June 7, Parador and Unilin signed an agreement in which Parador commits to abandon the glueless laminate flooring market in the United States. Parador's move was based on risks related to the Unilin U.S. patents.

In addition, Parador extended a down payment to Unilin for its past sales of glueless laminates in the United States.

"The U.S. market is of great importance to Unilin," said Frans De Cock, managing director of the Unilin Group. "Those involved in the glueless laminate flooring business in the U.S. must be aware of Unilin's glueless patents and carefully assess the risks imposed on them by these patents.

"Parador made such an assessment and as a consequence they felt better to withdraw from the U.S. market," De Cock added.