The W.W. Henry Co. has added three new environmentally friendly flooring adhesives to its GreenLine offerings: GL23 High-Performance Multipurpose Adhesive, GL33 High-Performance VCT Adhesive and GL83 High-Performance Linoleum Adhesive.

Henry GreenLine GL23 High-Performance Multipurpose Adhesive is designed specifically for the installation of commercial carpets, and residential and commercial sheet flooring. It features up to 97 percent lower emissions than CRI indoor air quality criteria.

Henry GreenLine GL33 High-Performance VCT Adhesive is designed for the installation of vinyl composition tile. GL33 features ultra-low emissions, and excellent bond strength and trowelability, according to the company.

Henry GreenLine GL83 High-Performance Linoleum Adhesive is formulated for the installation of residential and commercial linoleum sheet flooring. All three products are backed by the Henry's Best 10-Year Warranty.