Portland, Ore.-based distributor Wanke Cascade has begun conducting "First Tuesday" educational seminars at its three branches in Oregon and Washington on the first Tuesday of each month. Inaugurated in February, the seminars highlight one new product or product group each month, according to Shawn Loomis, regional sales manager.

Wanke Casade invites a limited group of individuals per session, predicated on how much space is required for the presentation. Sessions are offered on a first-come, first-served basis, with one session in the morning and another in the afternoon.

Wanke Cascade asks for a $25 enrollment fee as collateral, which is returned once the attendee shows up at session. For more information, telephone Shawn Loomis at (425) 251-0889 ext. 702 or Ray Eppley at (800) 289-9909 ext. 313.