A joint development effort by Invista, TacFast Systems International and Beaulieu Canada has given birth to a new soft-surface flooring category dubbed Vizani floors featuring Stainmaster carpet mosaics. The product offers consumers one of the industry's most versatile floor coverings in an unparalleled number of colors, collections and patterns.

"Vizani floors featuring Stainmaster carpet mosaics is a new extension of the Stainmaster brand in 2004," said Steve Griffith, vice president of residential flooring for Invista. "This product demonstrates the versatility of Stainmaster carpet and its position as the industry's top choice for performance, durability and styling."

Over the past 15 years, TacFast Systems International developed the new Vizani floor category, which consists of the Vizani foundation and carpet mosaics. The patented interlocking hook plates, discs and carpet mosaics can be installed over any existing finished or unfinished surface, and allow for repeated changes of the Stainmaster carpet mosaics. The carpet in a Vizani floor is Stainmaster carpet manufactured by Beaulieu Canada. They are available in more than 60 colors and shapes to allow for numerous pattern configurations.

"The partnership of TacFast International with INVISTA and Beaulieu Canada demonstrates that when companies work together to bring a product to market, they can give consumers the highest quality, most innovative products," said Joe Pacione, president of TacFast Systems International. "As a result of this partnership, our companies can now offer consumers an entirely new category of flooring with unprecedented features and benefits which uniquely address the consumer's lifestyle desires."

"Vizani, uniquely engineered for today's living with unlimited design possibilities, is by far, the most revolutionary and innovative carpet product to ever be introduced to the residential floor covering market," said Francois Bedard, president of Beaulieu Canada. "Beaulieu Canada is excited to be the exclusive North American manufacturer and distributor of Vizani floors featuring Stainmaster carpet mosaics."

The new product currently is available in select test markets. The product will launch nationwide in 2004. For more information on Vizani floors featuring Stainmaster carpet mosaics can be obtained via the Internet at www.tacfastsystems.com.