Stainmaster's new web sections aim to prove "There really is a difference in carpet brands"

In an effort to curb "shopping anxiety" among consumers buying carpet, Invista has included new sections on the Stainmaster web site ( that feature video demonstrations about carpet technology. Among the areas addressed are the stain and soil resistant features that have long been a chief selling point for Stainmaster.

The company says it added the demo videos after conducting focus groups with women ages 25-70. "Many of these women said that they experience ‘shopping anxiety' when buying carpet due to the overwhelming decisions they face," the company said. It noted that the added features "reveal the science behind carpet."

According to the company, the upgraded site includes a section on fashion that focuses on "the trend-setting innovation and color technology that Stainmaster carpet offers." Also included is a performance section that explains how carpet fiber is made. It also illustrates how the nylon 6, 6 fiber type found in Stainmaster carpet resists indentations from household furniture, abrasion from office chairs and texture loss from stair traffic.

The new features are accessible on the web site by clicking on a box that says "There really is a difference in carpet brands. Click here for the proof."