153 TEC Specialty Products' Triple Flex pail kit

TEC Specialty Products' new Triple Flex pail kit, which includes a multipurpose waterproofing and crack-isolation membrane and flexible bonding mortar, is designed for small tile projects in areas such as residential foyers and master bathrooms. The kit contains enough liquid, powder and mesh components to cover approximately 65 square feet.

As a waterproofing membrane, Triple Flex creates a watertight barrier over walls, floors and ceilings in residential to heavy commercial applications, TEC says. It meets ANSI A118.10 specifications for waterproofing membranes, and is IAMPO-approved for use in shower pans.

Used as a crack-isolation membrane, Triple Flex can be applied over horizontal cracks as large as 1/8-inch wide at the subfloor to prevent them from spreading through to installed ceramic and stone tile. Its crack-isolation capabilities withstand residential as well as heavy commercial traffic, the company says. Triple Flex is also designed to be used as a bonding mortar for installing ceramic tile in residential to light commercial applications. For details, circle 153 on the Free Information Card.