Hartwig Siemerling, former chief operating officer of Witex USA, has accepted the roles of president, CEO and board member of the company.

Siemerling has been leading the operations of Witex since its doors opened in the United States in 1994. His considerable knowledge of floor covering products, manufacturing, international commerce and the U. S. marketplace has greatly contributed to the company's success over the past decade. In addition, Siemerling has an in-depth understanding of both the sales and marketing aspects of the business, having managed those elements prior to establishment of the in-house marketing department and sales leadership that Witex has today.

"I believe strongly in the team that we have in place and am proud to take on the role as the leader," Siemerling said. "I am confident that my experience and efforts combined with those of our employees will lead to a successful and profitable future -- not only for our company but also our customers."

One of Siemerling's first decisions as president and CEO was to welcome Matt Thornton back to Witex as vice president of Sales. "I am excited to be back at Witex," said Thornton. "The company is positioned for success with a solid foundation of top-quality products, excellent distribution and dedicated retailers. I am looking forward to working closely with our customers, employees and management to address any challenges that we have today and to expand upon our strengths this year and beyond."

With the creation of the vice president of Sales role, the position of national sales manager was eliminated. As a result, Don McMahon, former national sales manager, has assumed a new role with Witex as the manager of New Business Development.

"I believe that Witex will benefit greatly from this division of responsibilities," he said. "For some time, the company has needed a dedicated person focused exclusively on growth. I am eager to use my strengths and experience to fulfill this need and have a direct impact on our long-term prosperity."