The flooring industry has been elevated to a level of modern craftsmanship that would’ve been considered impossible just a decade ago.

This Pergo installation showcases distinctive granite-look pattern that can be achieved with laminate floor products.

No longer is high technology just a futuristic image of flying cars in a “Jetsons” cartoon or a fanciful idea of what the future might be like. Today, it is an ubiquitous and practical part of our everyday lives. The New Year came and went, and here we are at the end of the year 2000, our visions of the future are staring right back us. The flooring industry itself has been elevated to a level of modern craftsmanship that would’ve been considered impossible just a decade ago.

Nowhere is the refined and striking nature of this craftsmanship more evident than in custom laminate floor installations. Laminate floors offer the look of natural stone, ceramic tile, wood, concrete ― - virtually any surface imaginable.

Contemporary custom installations frequently combine and contrast the looks of dissimilar flooring materials within the laminate format. It is not uncommon, for instance, to find one-of-a-kind laminate floor installations that juxtapose natural stone or ceramic looks with rich wood grains.

In addition to its renowned ease of maintenance, laminate floors ― which utilize the “floating” method of installation ― can be placed in environments and over substrates that might be deemed unsuitable for many of the flooring materials they so closely emulate in appearance. As a result, you’ll increasingly find laminate in traditionally “wet areas” of the home or laid over potentially problematic surfaces such as on-grade concrete slabs.

You’ll also find the product in foyers, covering curved steps, and providing a seamless look that leads from one room to another. Also, laminate is available in a variety of formats ― including planks, blocks and tiles with interchangeable widths ― that make customization easier than ever.

No longer fettered by the technical and aesthetic limitations of yesteryear, today’s interior designers, contractors and floor covering installers are seizing the tools of technology and using laminate much like an artist splashes color and pattern across a canvas. Custom laminate installation is no longer just an idea or a buzzword, but a versatile and successful component of the floor covering industry.

This floor from Wilsonart International features a Texas-shaped field in dark wood grain juxtaposed against a contrasting light wood-look backdrop.

Tiffany, a Uniclic laminate series from BHK of America, is featured in this custom checkerboard pattern.

Columbia Flooring’s custom laminate features curved lines that flow and complete the room’s foyer.

Alloc’s Merbau Symphony and Japanese Cherry laminates provide a stunning, yet seamless contrast.

A custom laminate installation featuring a light wood-look from Shaw.

This Bruce Laminate Floors custom installation is highlighted by Indigo and Cranberry laminate tiles surrounding a marble laminate center, and is offset by a cherry wood-look background.

Sacramento Pine by Kronotex forms the basis of this custom laminate installation and establishes a stylistic foundation for the entire room.

This custom laminate installation showcases two adjoining rooms covered with Tasmanian Burlwood laminate by Mannington Laminate.