The 2000 Floor of the Year Award - Expert Division winner from Old Country Hardwood Flooring Inc.

During its recent 15th annual convention in Dallas, the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) identified some of the best hardwood floor designs to emerge from the industry over the previous year. The 2000 Floor of the Year award-winning floors, which were grouped in 10 categories, were chosen by members of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) who employed their keenly developed artistic sensibilities to judge the contest.

Jeffco Flooring & Supply earned the Showroom and Personal Floors award.

Showroom and Personal Floors

TheShowroom and Personal Floors Awardcategory featured floors used in the showroom or in the personal home/office of an NWFA member in good standing, either an employee or an owner. The award for this category, which was added to the contest just last year, went to Jeffco Flooring & Supply Inc. of Nashville, Tenn. Jeff C. Johnson designed, installed and sanded the winning floor. Mullican, Rare Earth, Dynamic Laser, and Oshkosh manufactured the floor, and Dura Seal and Basic Coatings provided the finish. The 1,100-square-foot showroom entry consists of 26 popular species, both domestic and exotic. The floor incorporates three patterns and four borders. Birdseye maple was used to create the focal point of the floor.

Bray's Hardwood was the winner of The Member's Choice - Expert Division award.

Member's Choice - Expert Division

The Member’s Choice Award always draws excitement because it is judged by NWFA Convention attendees for the quality and appearance of the installation. This year’sMember’s Choice — Expert Division Awardwent to Bray’s Hardwood of Sacramento, Calif. Thomas and Erin Bray designed, installed and sanded the award-winning floor. The 960-square-foot floor showcases more than 28 species of wood and features a 42” x 48” handmade, centered oval medallion.

Artwood Flooring Inc., winner of The Best Use of Wood Technology award.

Best Use of Wood Technology

Artwood Flooring Inc. of Ontario, Canada took home three awards. The first award the company received was theBest Use of Wood Technology Award. The entries in this category are judged on the most effective use of wood crafting technology to produce an aesthetically pleasing floor. The floor was installed by Artwood Flooring, manufactured by Heartwood Architectural Wood Products, and Dura Seal of New Jersey supplied the wood finish. Artwood Flooring’s mission was to achieve the look of a fine Victorian-lace tablecloth over a dark cherry wood table. To accomplish this, they first researched the period’s lace patterns and used quarter-sawn oak to produce a delicate lace web. The lace web was then inlayed into a 1,540-square-foot field of Jabot, which made the image of the table. In addition, Artwood received both the2000 Floor of the Year — Master Division Honorable MentionandMember’s Choice — Master Division Awardfor the firm’s stunning work on a floor that features a chameleon pattern. The winning floor consists of 4,500 square feet of rift- and quarter-sawn white oak set in jatoba.

DM Hardwood Designs took the award for 2000 Floor of the Year - Master Division.

2000 Floor of the Year - Master Division

DM Hardwood Designs of Mission Viejo, Calif., also was honored in several categories and won three awards. They garnered the2000 Floor of the Year — Master Division Awardand theBest Use in a Commercial Application Awardfor an installation that features a 24-point compass. The handcrafted 37-foot medallion features American and Brazilian cherry, walnut, and purpleheart bands. The remaining floor space includes several smaller inlays that total 7,000 square feet. The floor awardedBest Use of Wood Technology — Honorable Mentionwas installed by DM Hardwood Designs and manufactured by Goodwin Heartpine Co. and Rare Earth Hardwood. Berger Siedel, 3M Co. and Bostic provided the wood finish that was applied. The floor includes more than 3,000 hand-cut pieces of exotic woods and 560-color fiber optic lights to create an illuminated medallion that depicts flowing water and stars. The fiber optic lights were installed at the underside of the inlay, and electrically connected so that the lights may be turned on and off. The floor also features grizzly bears, salmon, eagles, elk, a mountain lion, and an owl.

The Best Limited Species Award winner from Brickman Consulting.

Best Limited Species Design

TheBest Limited Species Design Awardcategory covers installations that utilize a combination of two or fewer wood species and/or stained components. This award was presented to Brickman Consulting of Chilmark, Mass. Brickman’s consultants designed and installed the floor, International Hardwood Floors manufactured it, and Basic Coatings provided the finish. The design of the floor throughout the entire residence consisted of jatoba and featured a compass rose in the entry foyer.

The Unfinished Craftsmanship and Design Award winner from Champion Floor Co.

Unfinished Craftsmanship and Design

Champion Floor Co. of Maryland Heights, Md., won theUnfinished Craftsmanship and Design Award. Entries in this category include all types of manufactured unfinished wood flooring, including hand-cut designs and predominantly wood mixed media. The winning floor was made from 2,000 feet of new and existing first-grade maple and mahogany with wenge borders and some use of granite. Superior Flooring Co., Dynamic Laser Co. and International Hardwoods manufactured the floor. Basic Coatings and Street Shoe provided the finish.

The Prefinished Design Award winning floor was entered by Alberta Hardwood Flooring Ltd.

Prefinished Design

ThePrefinished Design Awardwent to Alberta Hardwood Flooring Ltd. of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Entries in this category can include types of manufactured finished wood flooring, including mixed media that is predominantly wood. The winning floor was designed by homeowner Dwayne Hunka, installed by John and Nikko Van Leeuwen, and manufactured and finished by Boa -Franc Inc. The design of this kitchen floor consisted of approximately 900 square feet of Mirage prefinished maple flooring with a black border laid around the room’s perimeter to complement the countertops and décor.

2000 Floor of the Year - Expert Division

Old Country Hardwood Flooring Ltd. of Calgary, Alberta, Canada was honored with the2000 Floor of the Year — Expert Division Award. Old Country Hardwood installed and finished the winning floor, and Woodline-BonaKemi was also involved in the finishing process. Stanley Knights and Tembec Inc. manufactured the floor. The 169-square-foot foyer features North Canadian hard maple in the floor’s field and jatoba domestic cherry in the floor’s pattern.

“The unique floors in this year’s contest are a prime example of why wood flooring is becoming such a popular option,” Doug Lux, NWFA president, observed. “These floors showcase the creativity and versatility of wood flooring for builders, interior designers and consumers.” Offering both style and versatility, this year’s award winners proved that hardwood flooring has a bright and beautiful future.