It was 20 years ago that a small but determined group of flooring retailers gathered together to form what would one day evolve into one of the most highly respected retail co-op groups in the industry: Flooring America (and Flooring Canada). Now, the first-ever Global Summit hosted by the group's parent company, CCA Global Partners, seems a fitting occasion to recognize the retail co-op's milestone anniversary.

The meeting this month in Denver will be a coming together of the many retail entities that make up one of the most dominant forces in the floor covering business. Much the way Flooring America has worked to strengthen its member stores by sharing resources and presenting a united front, CCA has also been a powerful organization for the co-op and other retail entities. In short, the relationship retailer members have with Flooring America is not unlike the relationship Flooring America has with its parent, CCA. In both instances, it is clear that there is strength in numbers.

The Global Summit will give Flooring America members a chance to better appreciate CCA's position as a world-class retail organization. There will also be numerous opportunities to share information with flooring retailers aligned with one of the other CCA co-ops, including the industry's largest, Carpet One. Still, Flooring America's president Vinnie Virga notes that the Denver event will give members a chance to reflect on their position-and plan ahead.

"One of the key things we'll talk about is the five-year plan," says Virga. "We'll be looking at our initiatives for the summer - marketing, merchandising. We'll be talking about the member performance reports," Virga continues. "We'll be talking about the power of the group quite a bit. Our theme is achieving greatness in business and life. We'll be focusing on the power of the group and investing in the future"

He adds that a highlight of the event will be a meeting of the entire Flooring America/Flooring Canada family at Mile High Stadium, the 76,000-seat home of the NFL's Denver Broncos. The historic event-dubbed "We're In It To Win It"- will be an opportunity to celebrate Flooring America's two decades of growth and success. And Virga says he can't wait.

"We're going to have a massive Flooring America teambuilding event," says Virga with obvious enthusiasm. "It will be themed around sports and football and it will include a huge tailgate party."

He adds that the co-op's position as a key component in a large operation like CCA gives members and management a rare chance to learn from colleagues.

Indeed, the invitation to all members of the CCA noted as much: "We gather in the same room with a single purpose: to share ways of achieving greatness in our business and personal lives," says the official announcement.

Having seen their co-op grow and prosper for two decades, Flooring America/Flooring Canada have come to expect nothing less.