Retailers who understand the role of fashion in flooring are often able to reach the customer on a level that transcends price sensitivity. Saving money is always nice, but remember, their No. 1 priority is creating a beautiful home. Here, shoppers in an Abbey Carpet showroom are invited to sit and discuss their tastes and preferences.

Selling the Best!

  • It positions your store as a decorating source. People shop with blinders on and won't notice other home interior products you carry, but if you have created a beautiful room for a customer once before, she will check with you before making the next purchase.
  • It discourages comparison shopping. She can't shop the competition because they don't have what you sell: A floor you created for that customer. In our business we rarely sold a plain floor, mixing surfaces, patterns and shapes.
  • It will literally solve your installation problems. Working with beautiful floors and learning custom work, installers become "artisans" not workmen. The extra money earned for custom work also helps. I've said for many years; "We don't have an installation problem in this industry, we have a motivation problem."
  • It eliminates price as an issue. Yes, as I mentioned, she picks a store because of its "perceived" (key word) price/value. But if your people can create the home of her dreams, price goes out the window.
  • It drastically increases referrals. Every time you sell plain vanilla flooring, you lose money. When new flooring is first installed, most customers can't wait for their friends to see it. Imagine her disappointment when nobody recognizes the flooring as new. The only reason someone would ask where she bought it is so they can avoid making the same mistake. We tried never to sell a floor without a "Wow!" factor, so when her friends came over, they would exclaim, "Wow!"
  • It will give your store a USP. My friend, Al Bates of The Profit Planning Group, points out that in order to be successful, your store must have a USP or a "unique selling proposition." This is something your store can offer that is unavailable at no other store in your market. Even today, selling fashion still qualifies in most areas as a USP.