In an effort to encourage recycling Tarkett Commercial is asking installers for uninstalled flooring waste and other materials that otherwise end in a garbage dump. Under the company’s ongoing ReUse reclamation program architects, designers, flooring distributors and installers are being asked to send carpet scraps, chip boxes, architectural folders and carry boards back to the company at no cost. End-users are also being asked  to return Tarkett’s samples.

A recent example of reclamation program could be seen at Aultman Hospital. in Canton, Ohio. When the facility added a 338,000 sq. ft. expansion, the project’s flooring contractor, Wes Martin Interiors, returned 5,103 sq. ft. (or 3,000 pounds) of Tarkett flooring. The company says it will now recycle 100 percent of the returned material, which would have otherwise ended up in a landfill, to produce flooring.