The Powerhold brand is the creation of 18 floor covering supplies distributors who, for years, were hearing the needs of the end user as well as the decorative flooring manufacturers on the types of products needed for quality installations. Because of the unique role of the distributor, he was hearing the needs of both parties. And who better to insure both the installer and the manufacturer that the requirements of the professional installation could be met? After all, it is the Powerhold distributor who hears from all parties every business day.

These distributors are some of the biggest names and best experienced in the floor installation products business. They cover the United States and Canada with over 175 branches and are staffed with professional and technically proficient personnel. It’s their core business to insure the right products are used correctly for the right job.

The Powerhold label doesn’t go on just any installation product. The items selected come from well known and progressive manufacturers. The products are the result of research, need and a determination to provide the very best at a fair value to the end user.

Today, you’ll find the Powerhold label on flooring adhesives, seam sealers, pad cements, heat tapes, tack strip and wood underlayment, shims, patches, nails, staples, moldings, surface protection, blades, pouches and very soon, a new line of trowels. The expansion of the line will continue as installation needs evolve.

The Powerhold brand unites distributor partners in a committed unified approach to the installation market. It is a brand that guides the installer through a sometimes mind boggling array of choices confronting him.

Powerhold is more than just quality product. Powerhold is also proficient people in places all over the US and Canada who understand installation needs and can provide a fair valued product the installer can place his reputation upon.

The Powerhold brand is available from:

In the U.S
  • Big D Floorcovering Supply
  • Bixco, Inc
  • Blakely Productcs Company
  • Clark Flooring Solutions
  • The Cronin Company
  • Tom Duffy Company
  • L.Fishman & Son
  • Hanks Specialties
  • Jer-And, Inc
  • Professional Flooring Supply
  • PTS
  • Salesmaster Associates
  • Space Flooring Supplies & Services

In Canada
  • Brolain Distributors
  • Flooring Installation Supply Centre
  • Pacific Rim Flooring
  • PatCor Flooring Accessories
  • Shamrock Flooring Accessories