Mannington’s Palermo Stone laminate in the bold ‘firestone’ color makes a dramatic update in this kitchen. Easy to install and easy to maintain, laminate is a great choice for today’s busy households.

Today, laminate flooring is a very popular option in home remodeling projects for many reasons: it’s durable, easy to maintain, and it comes in a wide variety of styles and colors. And today’s consumer is all about getting the most for her money, so it’s to your advantage to explain to her why laminate is such an all-around attractive choice.

Years ago, when laminate was first introduced, it performed well, but didn’t look enough like the “real thing.” Over the past couple of years, however, manufacturers have raised the bar and are now making laminate flooring that’s nearly impossible to distinguish from real wood, slate, cork or stone. It’s ideal for use in busy households where those flooring surfaces are sometimes impractical.

The Real Thing?

Today’s laminate flooring is created using sophisticated printing techniques that give the floor the look and feel of another natural material. Mannington has developed an innovative technology called NatureForm Optix® that captures the essence of authentic woods, stones, tiles, and slates in a laminate floor.

Thanks to that technology, Mannington offers a wide range of incredibly realistic looks to choose from, designed to coordinate with today’s popular furniture and cabinetry: wood looks featuring beveled edges and individual 5” planks; and slate styles created with exceptional 3-dimensional texture and depth. They look so real, even the experienced salesperson might have to bend down and touch it to know for sure!

“Consumers love laminate because they can find almost any look they want in colors that complement their existing décor. The natural look is still very much a trend in flooring,” says Joe Amato, Vice President of Styling at Mannington. “And thanks to technology, we’ve been able to get closer than ever before to making laminate look like the natural material it’s designed to mimic.”

The popularity of laminate flooring can also be attributed to its low maintenance and high durability. It can endure all the spills and dirt a busy family can dish out, and clean up is minimal. In fact, most of the time just regular sweeping will keep it looking fresh and new for years to come.

So the next time a customer comes in looking for the best of both worlds, tell her about laminate flooring – it’s the perfect combination of beauty and durability.