Installers attending a classes affiliated with The National Wood Flooring Association will now receive a voucher redeemable for a moisture meter. The trade group said it has teamed with four manufacturers to help train and equip hardwood flooring installers. The NWFA member companies Delmhorst Instrument, GE Sensing, Lignomat USA, and Wagner Electronic have agreed to provide training on the proper use of the meters and will issue students a voucher redeemable for any one of the meters demonstrated at the schools.

“Without a doubt, moisture is the main reason for the majority of wood flooring failures,” said NWFA Executive Director/CEO, Ed Korczak. He noted that program “will greatly improve this situation by providing the necessary training and equipment, resulting in higher-quality installations, and happy customers.”

The program is being administered by the NWFA Service Corp., a subsidiary of the NWFA created to help members advance their businesses.