In the world of product evolution, “smaller” and “lighter” is usually better.  Compare cumbersome, first generation mobile phones with current cell phone models, clunky typewriters versus notebook computers or vinyl albums in contrast to mega-capacity mp3 players.  In each category, innovators found ways to power-pack performance into more efficient products.

This same concept has translated to the category of mortars.  TEC’s newest generation of mortars weighs less per bag-up to 50% in many instances-yet provides the same coverage and installation performance as traditional mortars.

“With our family of lightweight mortars, there’s now a lightweight option for every application,” Rachel Gibbons, TEC Senior Brand Manager, explains.

Reduced weight per bag provides obvious advantages for users:  less heavy lifting, less bulk in inventory or on work trucks, even possible reduction of fuel costs with lighter truck loads.  Yet the advantages don’t stop there.  TEC’s exclusive technology ensures the same coverage and installation performance as traditional mortars. 

What makes these products perform so well with less weight?  While traditional mortars-thin-set and mud bed-are comprised primarily of sand (heavy silica or limestone particles), TEC lightweight mortars are formulated with hollow particles that are lightweight and enhance bond strength. 

TEC lightweight products weigh 25 lbs or 30 lbs per bag compared to 50 lbs for conventional mortars, yet provide the same coverage rates.  That equals twice the coverage per pound of mortar. 

The hollow particles in TEC’s formula are actually smooth microscopic ceramic spheres, coined “microspheres.”  Microspheres create a ball bearing effect that minimizes effort required during spreading.

“Easy troweling is an important product benefit,” says Gibbons.  “Our lightweight mortars have a smooth, creamy consistency that lessens the physical exertion required during installation.”

Another benefit of the TEC lightweight formulation is extended ‘open time’-the amount of time the mortar retains adhesive properties after spreading.  The new lightweight mortars stay “tacky” longer, enabling installers to distribute mortar over a larger surface area before setting tile.  This leads to enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Finally, the TEC lightweight formulation includes recycled materials, which contributes to LEED certification and is ideal for today’s environmentally conscious builders, contractors and property owners.

User-friendly, earth-friendly and more efficient throughout the supply chain, these products are setting the new standard in the tile and stone industry.

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