After reviewing some 200 nominations, Mannington has named the winners of its 2007 Stand on a Better World Awards, which honors women who make a difference in their community or in the world.

Child care advocate Barbara Drennen of Kent, Wash., was recognized for founding a nonprofit center in her town that provides short-term care for infants exposed to drugs. Debra Bonde of Livonia, Mich., was honored for her efforts on behalf of sight impaired children. Her organization has produced more than 230,000 books in Braille. Also winning an award was Nancy Press of Portland, Ore., who launched an organization to help impoverished children in Latin America.

The three honorees are set to attend an award ceremony this month in Wilmington, Del. One will be named a grand prize winner and will receive $25,000 to donate to charity. The others will receive $10,000 each for a charity of their choice.

Judges include tennis great Billie Jean King, television journalist Deborah Roberts and the winner of last year’s grand prize, Olga Murray.