Alliance Community Hospital, whose mission is to create a safe, comfortable, healing environment, opened a brand new high performing facility in January, 2006.  As part of this difficult task of balancing a healing environment and a healthcare organization, Alliance searched for a flooring solution that was easy to clean, sustainable, aesthetically pleasing and would increase their return on investment.  They chose a Johnsonite product that is no wax no finish for the lifetime of the material making it an ideal solution for this environment.  An innovative material composition within iQ Construction flooring provides a space requiring little care and low maintenance. For Alliance Community Hospital, Optima and Granit with iQ Construction are the best flooring solutions that balance performance, aesthetics and economic return.

The economic and environmental pressures facing facility managers generally require flooring products that provide reduced chemical use and waste streams while also minimizing maintenance costs.  Studies show that 92% of the costs over the lifetime of a floor are related to care and upkeep.  iQ products target reduction of the floor’s largest cost component.

Because no stripping or waxing is required for products with iQ Construction:

• Downtime and disruption are reduced

• Environmental concerns relating to the use of strippers, wax, high-water usage and air contamination are reduced

• Overall maintenance costs are reduced

Alliance Community Hospital found they are able to clean this floor in minimal time with only a mop and neutral ph cleaner, reducing downtime and disruption in a busy environment.  This not only saves on labor and overall maintenance costs but is consistent with the facilities mission of creating a comfortable healing environment.

Environmental Services Co-Director Bob Madison was a doubter that had to be convinced. “Coming from a background where I was a sales representative for a chemical cleaning company I did not have much faith in a floor that never had to be waxed.  We have a common gathering area in our nursing home where wheel chairs and constant foot traffic were a concern of mine.  I am now a true believer in Johnsonite IQ products and I have witnessed the positive performance of this floor,” stated Madison.

Alliance Community Hospital is a member of Planetree which is a non-profit organization promoting healthcare spaces as healing  environments.  Planetree members understand the importance of interior spaces within their facility.  Alliance Community Hospital recognized not only the economic and environmental factors of iQ Construction, but the uplifting design it brings to their hospital.  Optima’s palette contains 44 colors with a unique travertine look while Granit’s 22 colors offer a subdued, tone-on-tone effect.

Calm and soothing colors were selected for their high performing floors, creating a positive emotional response to the space.  The balance of performance and aesthetics has provided Alliance a floor that meets their stringent requirements on comfort, while creating a measurable economic return.

Johnsonite floors with iQ Construction have proven to be a viable solution for Alliance Community Hospital. The floor delivers a measurable return on investment while providing higher durability, better flexibility and less disruption of the facility, adding to the overall productivity of the space.

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