Tractor Supply Company

SprayWerksTM Adhesive



Most people look down and say, “That’s different!” We say, “Of course it is … it’s EarthWerks™ -- Flooring Inspired by Nature – even Mother Nature thinks it’s cool! That’s why when Tractor Supply Company, the leading retail farm and ranch store brand in America set out to update existing stores to coordinate with their aggressive new store brand identity, national expansion program and departmental sales increase, they turned to the commercial team at EarthWerks™.

With a goal of several hundred stores in two waves per year over a two-year period and only a few limited weeks in which to work, the EarthWerks™ team created a customized plan. Tractor Supply Company chose Wood Classic Solid Vinyl Plank for the merchandising areas because of its unique look of real wood, Tuff Shield™ wear layer and EarthWerks™ Easy Clean program requiring little cleaning and maintenance. To eliminate costly, inefficient and unattractive reducer strips, our unique patented one-sided-beveled edge plank was used in the transition areas between the existing flooring and their new EarthWerks™ Wood Classic vinyl planking.

The assignment dictated that the stores could lose no time at the cash register so the job had to be completed in one evening.  The scope of work included moving all retail items off the floor, as well as removing and resetting fixtures, sub floor preparation, installation and product innovation.

Work began at 8:00 PM and was completed by 7:30 AM in locations across America. The installation teams used SprayWerks™ our revolutionary spray on adhesive system, thereby cutting installation time in half and allowing the new decorative floor to go into use immediately after the planking was set.

The results exceeded everyone’s expectations with no down time experienced and no cost overruns. The EarthWerks™ Commercial Business Unit handled the details and Tractor Supply Company’s updated merchandising program has been an outstanding success – an overnight success. Tractor Supply Company is very happy with their new EarthWerks™ Wood Classic environment - even Mother Nature thinks is cool.EarthWerks™ -- Flooring Inspired by Nature is a division of Swiff-Train Company headquartered in Corpus Christi, TX with master distribution center in Houston. 800-275-7943.