As a manufacturer and importer, Max Windsor Floors attributes success to its commitment to astounding product quality and uncompromising customer service.

In addition, the company has also been land-marked by its unique product breakthroughs, which has set the pace for many existing and newcomers of the wood flooring industry.  With emphasis on innovation, efficiency, and quality, Max Windsor’s R&D team constantly strives for total solution in flooring products that meet every facet of the market demand while achieving balance with its environmental responsibilities. 

Max Windsor prides itself by offering the total solution package.  While other market leaders normally focus on a particular facet of the market’s need, Max Windsor is committed in delivering its products at phenomenal quality, practical prices, excellent services, along with specific and unique market branding promotions. 

In terms of quality, the industry standard for wood flooring manufacturers is a 5% defective tolerance.  Max Windsor sets its goals at manufacturing the best product available in the market aiming at 0-1% defective tolerance.  Many of its product lines have demonstrated such consistencies.  Moreover, Max Windsor’s factory mission is solely to focus on efficiency and quality output of its products while continuously attempting to acquire perfection.  In terms of value, Max Windsor has attained its total solution reputation by being able to offer the most practical prices on products relevant to every tier of the product class within the market.  Finally, Max Windsor offers total solution to its clients by partnering with distributors, builders, designers, and corporate buying groups worldwide; investing and supporting them with creative ideas and designs of special market branding promotions. 

As a company, Max Windsor has an exceptional team of staff, from account managers, customer service, order desk, to warehouse shipping & receiving.  The company operates at a corporate level that practices with the utmost integrity, professionalism, and personalized services.  Each member of Max Windsor takes pride in being part of this corporate family.  Such positive synergy is constantly portrayed during its daily business operations, consequently, the company has developed a tremendous clientele-base who are also considered its long-term friends and family.  All in all, the motto of Max Windsor Floors is none other than “the pursuit of happiness.”