Balanced Choice

Balanced choice. As a facilities decision maker, it’s what you do. It comes with the job. It’s your responsibility. It’s the hundreds of decisions you make each day – big and small – that impact your organization’s people and its bottom line. Balancing long-term return with upfront investment. Balancing material performance with the aesthetics of the space. Balancing responsible, sustainable solutions with the continued cost of doing good business. Balancing the efficiency of your environment with the safety of the people who learn, work, heal and play within. Ultimately, the balance of the choices you make impact the motivation and productivity of your people. Balanced choice. Nobody said this would be easy.

Johnsonite knows the complexity of choice and understands that balancing your decisions to optimize outcomes involves many dynamics that are often at odds with each other. That’s why balance is so critical to us. It is our responsibility to provide you a portfolio of solutions and services that balance the factors that are important to you. To provide you with an integrated, coordinated system that balances safety, efficiency and motivation, enhancing productivity. To provide a breadth of environmentally responsible materials that can contribute to reaching your sustainability objectives. To develop capabilities that add value to your efforts to create a high-performance environment.

Johnsonite offers the most comprehensive and most integrated flooring system to achieve balanced choice. Our system offers a portfolio of solutions that can optimize the performance of a space, enhancing productivity and contributing to measurable return on investment. From rubber, linoleum and vinyl flooring to wall base, flooring accessories and stairwell management, Johnsonite links all solutions with unique color capabilities that unite function and aesthetics for motivating, high-performance environments.- Jeff Krejsa, Director of Marketing, Johnsonite

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