New USFloors manufacturing facility scheduled to be operational by the end of 2008.

With the year-end opening of its state-of –the-art cork and bamboo flooring manufacturing facility in Dalton, GA, USFloors will firmly establish itself as the leader in this category and the only manufacturer of cork and bamboo flooring in the USA.

“We truly believe the trend towards the use of environmentally responsible flooring, both residential and commercial, is only at the beginning of its growth curve” Piet Dossche, CEO of USFloors commented. Cork flooring and bamboo flooring are the ultimate examples of sustainable flooring products, as both species regenerate themselves over and over, without destroying the environment.

USFloors Green Island display featuring the EcoFloors Collection of cork, bamboo, and linoleum representing the flooring industry’s most comprehensive retail merchandising solution for green flooring products.

“With the start of our manufacturing facility here in Dalton, we are putting our money where our mouth is by investing heavily in our cork and bamboo offerings, as well as other sustainable flooring products. In addition to cork and bamboo flooring, the manufacturing plant will be producing unique and sustainable floors and FSC certified wood products. We will present our customers a distinct advantage over the importers by offering the widest selection of cork and bamboo flooring in colors, sizes and finishes that cater to every need of the residential and commercial end- user.

“In Today’s turbulent economic climate, most consumers will buy either, very economically priced floors or flooring that makes a difference and upgrades the value of their houses.” Dossche continued,  “With green awareness gaining increased importance at an accelerating pace, I am convinced that within the next 5 to 10 years, those houses and commercial buildings with no features focusing on environmental conservation, from energy saving and generating equipment to green building materials, including flooring, will be more difficult to lease or sell and will be considerably less valuable than those properties which have recognized and embraced the importance of green building construction practices.”

Photovoltaic solar panel farm located atop USFloors’ new manufacturing facility. Solar energy will be captured and used to offset energy costs from non-renewable energy sources required to operate the facility.

USFloors’  “Green Island” display, featuring the EcoFloors Collection of cork, bamboo, and linoleum floors, gives the retailer the right tools to respond to any consumer request for a sustainable and environmentally friendly floor.

Designed to become a LEED certified manufacturing facility, this building will be the first flooring manufacturing facility in North America generating alternative energy through photovoltaic solar panels installed on its roof.

USFloors markets its unique and sustainable floors under the brands Natural Cork®, Natural Bamboo®, and Natural Lino® CorkoleumTM. USFloors is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council.- Gary Keeble, Jr.