Dear Friends of Beaulieu,

As the President and CEO of the largest carpet-only manufacturer in the U.S., I’d like to say something to each of you.

To Our Dealers:

Congratulations on making it through the last 30 months. It’s hard to believe that the recession for flooring has lasted this long, and we’re not out of the woods yet. Nevertheless, many of you have fared well during this time by operating smarter and being more focused, taking advantage of new offerings with different consumer benefits, and acting in a more aggressive manner.

I met with some of you at Surfaces and our regional warehouse sales during the last several months. It was encouraging to see the appetite for buying carpet and desire to convert that into sales at retail. Each time I returned energized and realized that you are the real heroes in this economy. We are honored every time you put in a new Bliss display and do business with our company. We know we must earn your business. You expect excellent quality products providing value to your customers and supplied in a timely manner to meet your needs. Our commitment is to provide on that promise.

There are some signs that we may start coming out of this recession by late 2009. Let’s get positioned to recover together this year!

To Our Beaulieu Associates:

Let’s be sure to stay focused on providing the best service in the industry for our customers and continue to do all we can to help them succeed. Their success is our success.

I’m proud of the commitment to the Million Mile Challenge to improve your health and be more vigorous in all you do.

Our improved market position is a tribute to the products and features with added benefits to our consumers. These have allowed us to enter new market segments, as well as grow existing customers through the special care you provide. Let’s keep it up.

To Our Floor Covering Consumers:

Thank you for choosing carpet for your remodeling project or new room. Let me offer an added thanks if that carpet is from our Bliss line or other Beaulieu brands. We take a lot of pride in producing the best, most comfortable, most attractive and most inviting floor covering and we hope you see it that way, too.

To All of Us:

As suppliers to the floor covering market, let’s exemplify the best in America from quality and innovation, to environmental stewardship and indoor air quality, and to overall customer satisfaction.


Ralph Boe
President and CEO
Beaulieu of America