The U.S. Green Building Council has accepted the GREENGUARD Children & Schools standard for LEED credits. Specifically, all GREENGUARD Children & Schools certified products, which includes flooring and insulation, can earn LEED points.

"These approvals will not only increase the availability of sustainable flooring and insulation options, but further promote the importance of protecting building occupants' health and well being," said Dr. Marilyn Black, founder of the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute.

GEI's mission is to protect the indoor air quality of commercial buildings, homes, schools and healthcare facilities by certifying construction materials and furnishings for low, non-toxic emissions, according to the company. The Children & Schools standard, introduced in 2005, is the most stringent GEI standard -- certified products are screened for more than 12,000 different chemicals, GEI noted.

Currently, more than 130 manufacturers participate in the GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certification Program. All products must meet, as a minimum, the health-based chronic exposure levels of CA 01350 and 1/100th of any existing occupational health standard. All products must meet these emissions criteria within seven days of installation in a building. This assures building occupants, including remodelers, that new products brought into indoor spaces quickly meet acceptable chemical emission levels.

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