Woodgrain Enhanced Bamboo Flooring from Trillium.

Strategis International, based in Longueuil, Quebec, is looking for U.S. distributors to carry its Trillium Woodgrain Enhanced Bamboo Flooring. “Unlike what some companies are doing, going into a direct mode, we believe the flooring industry was built on relationships with distributors and that should continue,” said Jeff Feller, national key accounts manager. “The industry has seen a lot of changes, but we think traditional distribution is still the best way to do business.”

Bill Friend, Strategis vp, said his company has been successful in Canada since its founding in 2002, and is eager to expand into the U.S. “For any business, if you want to build your brand into a real multinational brand, the U.S. has to be a part of that business,” Friend explained. “U.S. consumers are an accessible consumer to reach – they are connected to the media, watch a lot of TV and go to a lot of stores. They are educated on what to buy.”

Strategis recently launched a series of Woodgrain Enhanced Bamboo Flooring, designed to offer the durability of bamboo but with exotic hardwood looks. “We have eliminated the stigma that is sometimes associated with bamboo by making it look exotic,” Feller noted. “Essentially, we’re giving you a product with the durability of strand [bamboo], but without the price associated with strand.”

The line is available in oak and exotic looks in 2’ to 6’ lengths, and carries a 35 year limited residential warranty. Select products also carry a 5 year limited light commercial warranty.

Friend noted the philosophy behind the line is “to bring consumers products that offer them a better value for their dollar.”

“People are starting to look at a dollar as a lot of money,” he said. “We have to look at how people can get more value out of their floors than ever before. Retailers are having the toughest time of their professional lives right now. If you can offer them products that are new but still approachable, and easy to sell, then everybody is going to feel like they’re getting a great value from that piece of business.”

Friend added he sees the bamboo side of the business increasing in the next decade, “to up to 5 to 10 percent of wood sales.”

”It has that much potential,” he said.

Trillium also offers a range of hardwood flooring and accessories. For more information, visitwww.trilliumhardwood.comor e-mailJeff@strategisinc.biz.-Michael Chmielecki