Trillium’s new Exotica Walnut Stranded Bamboo is shown above.

Welcome to the world of Bamboo and what may be the single most important natural resource the planet offers to humankind. Over several millennia bamboo has fed millions, housed us, delivered water to homes and fields, been used for rafts for water transportation, used as tools and more. Today, new uses have been developed including clothing, stylish furniture and building materials of too many types to list -- one of the most popular of which is bamboo flooring. Bamboo will offer us many more new uses in the future.

Trillium’s original program features 6 exciting SKUS, 3 Oaks & 3 exotics.

One key fact makes bamboo valuable to us: bamboo grows fast, faster than any other plant on the planet. Certain species can grow more than 18 inches a day and reach their full height of over 100 feet within one growing season. Bamboo is technically not wood, but a grass and is the largest of its specie. Unlike hardwood trees, which do not re-grow once cut down and require costly replanting and more than a century to regenerate to maturity, bamboo naturally regenerates from the old roots (rhizomes) and reaches full maturity within 3 to 6 years.

Compared to a typical North American hardwood forest, bamboo delivers 25 times more usable fiber per acre per year. Bamboo can also be grown on marginal land and requires virtually no agricultural labor, energy, irrigation or pesticide inputs. A bamboo forest sequesters approximately 33% more CO2 from the air than hardwood forests. You do the math! Bamboo is valuable beyond words and is a big part of our future.

Within the hardwood flooring industry, bamboo is fast becoming the #1 news item.  Everyone is talking about it and consumers are aware of it; bamboo is now the fastest growth segment in the industry, growing at an annual rate of approximately 30%. In North America, bamboo’s market share is now between 1 & 2%, over the next decade bamboo is estimated by many to command in excess of 10%.

Like hardwood, bamboo floors come in many types, forms and qualities, each offering consumers different values, décor styles and performance. What other specie can match bamboo’s diversity?

Trillium believes in bamboo and its important role in the future of our industry and planet. Our cutting-edge technology brings consumers spectacular new décor options.  Our Woodgrain Enhanced Technology transforms specially selected and processed bamboo into hardwood flooring which rivals the beauty of natural wood. Our Woodland Reflections Collection features a spectacular selection of stained Oaks and Brazilian exotics. Trillium will be expanding the program with new exciting products for the 2010 season.

A Bamboo forest scene from the Anji area of China , the main growing region of Moso Bamboo.

Trillium’s unique and proprietary Woodgrain Enhanced Technology merges a genuine wood grain with the natural grain and color of the bamboo fiber, creating a truly natural looking hardwood floor that rivals the specie it replaces.

Trillium’s Woodgrain Enhanced Bamboo floors are protected with DurAlOx® Everlast, a 9 coat UV cured polyurethane which outperforms and outlasts standard Aluminum Oxide coatings by up to 2 times. The finish DurAlOx® Everlast will keep its shine longer, resisting daily wear and tear. All Trillium Woodgrain Enhanced Bamboo products carry a limited 35-year residential warranty. Select products also carry a limited 5-year light commercial warranty.

Like premium hardwoods, Trillium’s Woodgrain Enhanced Bamboo comes in lengths from 2’ to over 6’ long, creating a spectacular and premium floor. The 3 ¾” X 5/8” boards are micro-V-beveled to enhance the beauty of each board. Trillium Bamboo is very hard; our commercially rated products are approximately 2.5 times harder than Red Oak. Like natural hardwoods, each board is unique, featuring different tones, overall character and grain design. Trillium also offers a full complement of color-matched moldings including: stair-nosing, reducer and T-molding profiles.

What about installation? Floors may be nailed or glued down and may be installed wherever you would install solid hardwood using traditional equipment and fasteners. Trillium Bamboo is certified for glue-down by all of the major adhesive manufacturers.

Trillium’s Woodgrain Enhanced Bamboo products are E1 certified, meeting the strict European requirements for safety and off-gassing. In addition, the DurAlOx® Everlast finish has been certified by the ECO Institute of Germany to be free of solvents or restricted toxic substances. Our products are safe for installation in any part of your home with confidence.  

What drives bamboo sales? For many, it is bamboo’s environmentally friendly features, for others it is bamboo’s unique décor look, for others yet, it may be bamboo’s exceptional value.

There are, however, many Americans that would like a bamboo floor in their home but do not appreciate the linear look of traditional bamboo. Most of us love the look and feel of hardwood…Trillium’s Woodgrain Enhanced Bamboo offers us what we want and more!

Consumers are challenging our industry to bring them new and innovative green product options; this is a great opportunity to drive sales by responding with viable alternatives to traditional hardwood products. Trillium Woodgrain Enhanced Bamboo brings exceptional new opportunities through offering consumers the products and values they are looking for.Trillium Bamboo, saving our planets forests one floor at a Feller

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