Dancik International introduces Dancik Price List Manager software version 1.0. The program is designed around the Floor Covering Business to Business Association (www.fcb2b.org) standard for 832 Price Catalogs. Dancik Price List Manager enables an aligned retailer or contractor, regardless of their back-end business management system, to download 832 Price Catalog data from a manufacturer or distributor that uses the Dancik’s B2B modules. The program converts that data into a fully searchable Price List that can be used daily in their business.   

"Our goal with our new Price List Manager software is to help retailers and contractors get up to the minute prices and inventory availability from the distributors and manufacturers they are aligned with,” said Mitchell Dancik, president of Dancik International.

Price lists created using Dancik Price List Manager enable retailers or contractors to set their desired product margins by category, and then fine-tune prices at the individual style or color level. Additionally, Dancik Price List Manager supports the conversion of SKU and item description data from the downloaded 832 Price Catalog so that the aligned retailer or contractor can create and price their own ‘private label’ product offerings.  

Dancik Price List Manager also supports an automated link to Dancik International’s Décor 24, an online B2B shopping portal application. If the manufacturer or distributor using the Dancik Enterprise System software also has this add-on Dancik software component, their aligned retailers and contractors can access real-time inventory data, product specifications, and product images directly from Dancik Price List Manager.  For motr information, visit www.dancik.com, e-mail sales@dancik.com, or call 919-379-3750.