Chester Va.-based Warthan Associates Inc., the Southeast distributor for Tarkett Sports Indoor flooring, recently began working with ACE Recycling of Reston, Va., to spearhead an innovative construction waste recycling program.

“Most people don’t realize that household waste generates 4.5 pounds per person per day, while construction and demolition (C&D) debris generates up to 6.61 pounds per person per day. We feel that we are just being good stewards of our resources by recycling and keeping as much of our debris from flooring projects out of the local landfills as possible,” noted Chad Warthan, president of Warthan Associates.

While most recycling programs focus on consumer waste, C&D debris actually far outweighs the amount of consumer garbage nationwide, according to the company. ACE Recycling uses a highly automated process that recycles over 85% of the waste they receive.

“Ace Recycling is proud to partner with Warthan Associates as it seeks to divert as much of its jobsite and production waste from landfills as is possible. These kind of efforts need leadership and Warthan is clearly showing the way,” said Ken Mogul, president of ACE.

“Being able to offer this service to a customer sets us apart from the competition; it tells our customer that we care enough about our impact on the environment to be willing to change our business habits,” added Kal Dawson, Warthan's general manager.