Shaw Industries Group, Inc. released its inaugural sustainability report to share the company’s legacy of environmental and corporate social responsibility.  This report is reflective of Shaw’s commitment to sustainability leadership through the Shaw Green Edge® – a company-wide business platform based on sustainability through innovation.

Reflecting Shaw’s long history of investment in sustainable development and initiative-driven progress, the sustainability report outlines the company’s accomplishments and goals. It also reflects the global flooring provider’s fully vertically integrated organizational footprint, detailing progress according to three pillars of sustainability:

•Corporate governance and social responsibility

•Operational and environmental excellence

•Innovative products and services

The report details Shaw’s progress towards key measurable, timeline-driven, public corporate goals, including safety, energy, waste and water guided by the executive Growth & Sustainability Council.

Other key highlights for 2008 include:

•Availability of environmentally friendly products in all five flooring categories (carpet, area rugs, hardwood, laminate, tile and stone)

•Contributions of more than $2.3 million and countless hours to the United Way by Shaw and Shaw associates

•Reclamation of more than 244 million pounds of post-consumer carpet since the launch of Shaw’s carpet collection network – 85% of which was recycled carpet to carpet •EPA/CARE Innovations in Recycling award for post-consumer carpet reclamation and recycling program

•Introduction of ClearTouch® PET filament with recycled content from reclaimed plastic bottles

•NSF 140 certification

•Expansion of Shaw’s EcoWorx® Environmental Guarantee program worldwide •Announcement of Shaw as one of 240 Founding Members of The Climate Registry

“At Shaw, we believe in the importance of substantiating environmental claims as part of good governance, sound business conduct policy, and our long-standing values of honesty, integrity and hard work,” said CEO Vance Bell. “Our inaugural sustainability report recognizes the many achievements of Shaw associates past and present, and it provides a foundation for our continued progress.”

Bell also said the sustainability report marks a significant milestone for Shaw. “We hope that sharing our own progress will help demonstrate our belief that innovation and sustainability are not only inextricably linked, they are the primary guarantors of long-term success,” he said.

Since the publication of this sustainability report, Shaw has also announced additional progress towards its sustainability strategy, including:

•Post-consumer carpet reclamation of more than 250 million pounds

•Construction of a new Re2E energy reclamation facility

•Cradle to CradleCM certification of Shaw’s Epic Hardwood

•Investment in ClearPath Recycling LLC, the largest PET recycling facility in North America

“We are proud of Shaw’s first sustainability report and the history, work and dedication it represents,” said CEO Vance Bell. “We look forward to reporting on our continued progress next year.”