NSF International announced that Mannington Commercial is the first company certified to NSF’s new American National Sustainability Assessment Standard for resilient floor covering. Certification against this standard provides a means to evaluate the environmental performance and sustainability attributes of a range of floor products.

The new standard, NSF/ANSI 332 Sustainability Assessment Standard for Resilient Floor Coverings (NSF/ANSI 332), was developed to help the floor covering industry recognize and promote sustainable manufacturing practices. Mannington Commercial has met the environmental and sustainability criteria and provides proven assurance to the public regarding these products, NSF said.

NSF/ANSI 332 establishes a point-based system in which manufacturers achieve one of four levels of certification: Conformant, Silver, Gold and Platinum.  Mannington’s Inlaid and Premium Tile products has earned Gold level certification.

“These products are the first certified to the new standard, and we are already working on others,” said Dave Kitts, Mannington’s vp environment. “One of the benefits of the NSF standard is that everything is measurable, documented and proven. Sustainability cannot only be about good intentions, it must also include measurable indexes.”

“Mannington is the first to achieve certification under this standard, demonstrating their commitment to environmental stewardship,” added Petie Davis, manager of NSF International’s Sustainability Services.

Mannington’s also manufactures several environmentally friendly carpet products certified to the American National Standard for sustainable carpet (NSF/ANSI 140).