Following a complete redesign and content makeover, Florida Tile says it will re-launch its website,, reflecting the company’s new corporate image and direction in design, on July 15.

According to Sean Cilona, director of marketing, the eight-month-long makeover should pay dividends for every segment of tile user. “We have redesigned the site to be far richer in terms of new products, images, descriptions and technical data, and we’ve taken pains to segment content according to the search needs of each customer group - Homeowner, Dealer & Contractor and Architect & Designer.”

“You will see when you visit the site that we achieved our two main objectives - to continue building our new Florida Tile brand image and to deliver more target-specific, information through our website,” Cilona added. “What we wanted to create is an online tool that is use- friendly and presents relevant information to each user in as few clicks as possible.”

“Moreover, the sophisticated design look and feel of the new site are directly influenced by the new initiatives in tile décor coming from Florida Tile,” he stressed. “We are in the interior design business, and our site needs to be flattering of our tile designs across the board. Each user segment is designated by not only the content, but also the unique look and feel of each area.”

In April, Florida Tile formally introduced its new brand image to include a new logo and merchandising graphics at Coverings. The new image, reflecting the company’s move into new and emerging designs and product offerings, is reflected in the redesigned website.

“The new Florida Tile brand image is intended to support a breadth of product, new creative and appealing designs and to underscore a strengthened commitment to the retailers, distributors, contractors, designers, architects and, of course, the consumer, in all segments of the business, said Cilona. “The new website is the latest step in a well-thought-out campaign intended to make Florida Tile the leading brand in the US.”