When it comes to floor covering adhesives, green generally means low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The Carpet and Rug Institute’s Green Label testing program certification for low VOCs was launched in 1992, around the same time MAPEI began producing its Ultrabond ECO line of adhesives.  A few years ago, the CRI launched its next series of advanced testing, called Green Label Plus, for carpet and adhesives. This enhanced program sets an even higher standard for internal air quality and ensures that customers are purchasing the very lowest emitting products on the market.  

Today 33 MAPEI Ultrabond ECO adhesives have received the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Green Label Plus testing program certification. These adhesives are used to install carpet, vinyl and cove base products in commercial and residential projects.

As the floor covering industry moves into the future, MAPEI is moving along with innovative new products that help construction contractors build greener. The latest addition to the Ultrabond ECO line is MAPEI’s family of urethane wood-flooring adhesives. Phthalate-free formulations, based on the use of rapidly renewable materials, are being incorporated into Ultrabond ECO 995, Ultrabond ECO 990, Ultrabond ECO 980 and Ultrabond ECO 975 adhesives to provide a wide range of bonding systems for nail-free wood flooring. Virtually odor-free, these eco-friendly products are also low in VOCs.

MAPEI’s commitment to the development of environmentally sound products keeps the Ultrabond ECO line of adhesives strong and growing. The Ultrabond ECO products help flooring contractors make a contribution to certification points in the US Green Building Council’s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) program in a number of ways:
* Recycled Product Content (LEED rating: Materials and Resources - MR Credit 4)
* Low-VOC Products (LEED rating: Environmental Quality – EQ Credit 4.1)
* Indoor Air Quality Initiatives (LEED rating: Environmental Quality – EQ Credit 3.2)
* Regional Production Facilities (LEED rating: Materials and Resources – MR Credit 5)
* Rapidly Renewable Materials (LEED rating: Materials and Resources – MR Credit 6)

MAPEI invites you to explore the Ultrabond ECO product line. We’re sure you’ll find “green” adhesives that will suit all your floor covering installation needs.

- Diane Choate