Greener Formulas Improve the Environment

By Diane Choate

The latest technological advancements in flooring adhesives include formula changes to existing products that incorporate new research discoveries. These changes are represented by innovations such as dual-function products, phthalate-free and Isocyanate-free formulas and by the use of rapidly-renewable raw materials. There have also been new developments in response to recent trends in floor coverings. MAPEI continuously reviews its formulations in light of changing and emerging technologies to improve our products for installers and end users.

A major influence in recent developments has been the emphasis on formulating products that have a greater focus on environmental sustainability. For example, replacing phthalate plasticizers with rapidly renewable raw materials produces a more environmentally conscious product and reduces the manufacturer’s carbon footprint required for production. MAPEI’s new family of Ultrabond ECO urethane wood adhesives incorporates these innovative formulations.

Dual-function adhesives that can control moisture from a subfloor and bond in a single step help address the requirements of fast-track construction and high-moisture-content slabs. Previously, these conditions had to be addressed with multiple products used sequentially. The saying goes, “time is money”, and saving time often means saving a lot of money. Ultrabond ECO 995 combines an effective moisture barrier with a superior wood flooring adhesive into one application, saving contractors time and money.

MAPEI has just released a unique new carpet adhesive designed to adhere new carpet backing systems that are totally recyclable. MAPEI’s Ultrabond ECO 885 can be used for both carpet tile and broadloom products and can be used for both permanent and releasable installations. The use of post-consumer recycled content in place of traditional mineral-type fillers in Ultrabond ECO 885 adds to its “green” contribution.

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